Prevent Water Damage
with WaterGuard™ Patented Technology

Water Damage caused by leaky home plumbing is the second-most costly insurance claim, behind hurricanes. In fact, flooding from burst washing machine hoses alone wreaks $150 million in damage each year in the U.S. This new technology will help prevent catastrophic financial losses due to leaky household appliances at a modest cost to the consumer. Click Here to activate an interactive demonstration, and you can see why WaterGuard's new patented technology can save you money and peace of mind with protection

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The Products

The first WaterGuard™ product, specifically designed to protect against water damage due to washing machine hoses shown in the photo above, , consists of a pair of water valves mounted directly to the hot and cold water faucets under control of an electronic event sequence timer. One of the additional features provides for a signal to the microcontroller upon detection of moisture from any source. Another additional feature allows for an input to the microcontroller to enable communications between the microcontroller and a washing machine, this is referred to as the "communication link". Washing machines that are equipped with WaterGuard's communication link output will have the ability to communicate and instruct it when to open and close the valves.


Another WaterGuard™ product, specifically designed to conserve water and prevent water damage due to overflows or toilet malfunctions, features a proximity detector that detects the presence of a user. Upon succession of such detection, an electronically controlled water valve will open allowing water passage to the toilet. Upon cessation of such detection, the controller will complete its timing cycle and then close the electronic valve. This application also provides for a signal from moisture sensor, closing the valve upon detection of moisture from any water source.

Multiple other applications such as refrigerator water lines, ice makers, water heaters, any appliance with water hookups, and plumbing & bathroom fixtures can take advantage of WaterGuard's microcontroller capabilities.

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